Bob’s Plumbing & Excavating is proud to have served the plumbing and excavation needs of residential and commercial customers in Connellsville, PA and throughout all of Fayette County for over 25 years. Our team of team of courteous, professional plumbers and excavation technicians are locally based, licensed, and insured. Our goal is to offer you the best possible service at an affordable price. We do quality plumbing and excavating work of all types at a fair price for our customers in Connellsville, PA.

Safe, High-Quality Plumbing Installation and Repair in Connellsville, PA

When you choose Bob’s Plumbing & Excavating, you benefit from Bob Savage’s 40+ years of extensive plumbing and excavation experience. Bob Savage founded our company, is present at every job site, and remains actively involved in ensuring that the quality standards that our company was founded on continue to be implemented on every job. Our goals include providing you with a prompt and safe installation/excavation service, as well as delivering satisfaction at a fair price. To ease your mind, we also guarantee our labor.

Ultimate Drain Line Cleaning for Connellsville, PA

The plumbing and excavating services that Bob’s Plumbing & Excavating offers to our businesses, landowners, and homeowners in Connellsville, PA include high-quality, affordable:

  • French Drain Installation & Service
  • D.O.T.-Certified Gas Line Service
  • Sewer Line Installation
  • New Water Line Installation & Repairs
  • Septic Tank and System Installation, Repair, & Maintenance
  • Drain Line Cleaning (Snaking & Water Jet)
  • Hot Water Tank Installation

**Bob’s Plumbing & Excavating is not a septic tank pumping or cleaning service provider.

Gas, Water, Electric, and Sewer Line Excavation in Connellsville, PA

Home and land purchasers who require excavation for the installation of new gas, water, electric, and sewer supply lines, septic systems (including tanks and sand mounds), or site clearing services on newly purchased land sites or existing property sites in Connellsville, PA can rely on Bob’s Plumbing & Excavating to provide prompt service at a competitive price. We offer D.O.T. –Certified Gas Line Service to ensure that you gas service is completed as safely as possible.

Effective Drain Line Clog Clearing in Connellsville, PA

In addition to heavy-duty land and utility excavation, Bob’s Plumbing & Excavation also offers standard plumbing services to handle all of your water supply and drainage installation, maintenance, and repair needs in Connellsville, PA. We have extensive experience clearing all types of clogged drain lines with a variety of effective methods. We don’t mess around with clogs. At Bob’s we will eliminate any drain line clog promptly. We install interior water lines and hot water tanks for our valued customers in Connellsville, PA.

Prompt Driveway and Sidewalk Excavation in Connellsville, PA

Bob’s Plumbing & Excavation provides all types of prompt commercial and residential digging and excavation services to help you save time and money. Our reasonably priced services include:

  • Underground Utility (Gas, Water, Power & Sewer Line) Excavation
  • Sand Mound Excavation
  • Site Preparation
  • Digging Driveways & Sidewalks
  • Clearing Lots
  • Excavation for New & Existing Lines
  • Storm Drains
  • Landscaping Excavation
  • Waste Material Hauling
  • Footer & Foundation Excavation

Bob’s Plumbing & Excavating is Fayette County’s dedicated plumbing and excavation services provider. If you have a need that you don’t see listed on our website’s list of most popular services, please contact us for more information: (724) 785-2030. We will come to your location to consult with you and provide an estimate.