Plumbing Contractors

Bob’s Plumbing & Excavating provides licensed, insured plumbing and excavation services for residential and commercial customers in Uniontown, PA and throughout all of Fayette County. We are a team of locally based excavation service experts and professional plumbers with over 25 years of experience serving the local community. The owner of Bob’s Plumbing & Excavating, Bob Savage, has over 40 years of plumbing and excavating experience and is present at every job site for your peace of mind.

Efficient Certified Gas Line Installation and Repair in Uniontown, PA

We offer a wide variety of affordable plumbing services to help you get your project completed as efficiently as possible:

  • New Water Line Installation & Repairs
  • D.O.T.-Certified Gas Line Service
  • Septic Tank and System Installation, Repair, & Maintenance*
  • Sewer Line Installation
  • Drain Line Cleaning (Snaking & Water Jet)
  • Hot Water Tank Installation
  • French Drain Installation & Service

*Bob’s Plumbing & Excavating is not a septic tank pumping or cleaning service provider.

Affordable Excavation Contractor for Uniontown, PA

Bob’s Plumbing & Excavating is Uniontown’s dedicated professional excavation services contractor. Our services include:

  • Sand Mound Excavation
  • Clearing Lots
  • Landscaping Excavation
  • Site Preparation
  • Digging Driveways & Sidewalks
  • Waste Material Hauling
  • Excavation for New & Existing Lines
  • Underground Utility (Gas, Water, Power & Sewer Line) Excavation
  • Storm Drains
  • Footer & Foundation Excavation

Uniontown Landscaping Excavation and Drain Installation

In addition to our exterior water line service, we can also install and repair interior water lines for homes and businesses. With proper installation, maintenance, and repair service from Bob’s Plumbing & Excavating, you can enjoy your Uniontown, PA property so much more. Allow us to assist with your large gardening and landscaping projects, as well as the installation of French and storm drains to help protect your foundation and yard from the devastating effects of water intrusion and damage. If you are planning to install a do-it-yourself driveway, sidewalk, or similar paved surface, put down that shovel and allow Bob’s Plumbing & Excavating to make quick work of your digging project.

Bob’s Plumbing & Excavating is available to answer any questions that you may have about your Uniontown, PA plumbing or excavation project, or to schedule an estimate or service appointment. Call us at: 724-785-2030..